A Crash Course in Allotments

Hello. This site was set up so we have a place to jot things down in, as it's harder to lose a computer than a note pad! My friend and I have just acquired an allotment and are looking forward to becoming land girls.

We are feeling the pinch of the recession still, everyone is, and so we wanted to have something where we can spend our time, for free, have fun and be productive. This seems like a good solution. We have joined the Dig Revolution, Viva La Revolution! Is the government push for us to go green, eat green and think green as easy as they make out?

It seems to be very fashoinable at the moment to 'grow your own', and there a thousands of websites covering every possible part of the subject, so hey, whats one more? The site hasn't been updated for a while now, however, I'm back and in full swing with the growing season. I have new plants, and shiny new toys like my automatic watering system and...a strimmer! I look forward to sharing it with you. Please leave a comment on the blog if you enjoy the entry or just to say hello. :) 

For a play-by-play of how we got started, visit the timeline.
Then there's plenty of photographs, which are updated regularly.
The Blog is a bit more in depth, detailing the trials and tribulations of allotment-eering.
JARGONBUSTER - where I've written down everything I didnt understand, and tried my best to find solutions.